Frequently asked questions

1. What is „Protekal“ protein diet ?
Protekal protein diet is a medical program for treating overweight and obesity. Done under medical supervision it is effective and safe.

2. What does it consist of?
First two phases consist of protein based nutrition. Proteins of high biological value are consumed in form of instant protein products. These initial phases are followed by reeducation phases. All main nutrient groups are gradually introduced into diet.

3. Is the metabolic state of KETOSIS dangerous?
No. The patient is under medical supervision and guidance thoughout the course of the diet. Doctor decides if the patient is indicated or contraindicated to start the protein diet.

4. Is there an age limit for protein diet?
Yes. Ages under 16 and over 65 are contraindicated for active phases but are allowed to do phases 3-5.

5. I heard that weight is rapidly lost with this diet. How much weight is lost per week?
How many kilograms you lose largely depends on the rate of your metabolism so we cannot say how fast you will lose weight. But what we can say is that you will lose more weight with this diet than with any other diet and you will lose fat from places where it is accumulated the most.

6. I have tried many low-carbohydrate diets in the past and all of them made me feel exhausted and fatigued. Will I feel this way when on Protekal diet?
Ketone bodies are supstances that are released 2nd to 3rd day of Protekal diet. Ketone bodies are the result of the low-carbohydrate ketogenic normoprotein diet. If ketone bodies are produces it means that the body used its carbohydrate stores and is now metabolizing fat for energy yield. Ketone bodies will make you feel good,satiated and due to its psychostimulative effect you will not feel fatigued. It is also very important to take the supplements prescribed by the doctor in order to maintain normal levels of electrolytes.

7. Is medical supervision obligatory?
You are obliged to come to regular 15 day check-ups. Doctor must follow your diet,your health status,must adjust your diet and supplementation regime if necessary.

8. Do I need to do any medical exemination prior to starting the diet?
Yes. You are required to do medical exam and laboratory analysis listed on the page Laboratory analysis on our web site. Doctor will assess your health on the first exam and decide whether you are indicated or containdicated for the diet.

9.What should I do if I am not hungry and can’t eat my protein meal?
The doctor estimated, in accordance to your height and weight, required daily intake of protein and vegetables. If you feel full it means that you are in ketosis and you are doing your diet well. But you must not skip any of your meals because it may very dangerous for you health.

10. What if I accidentally do something wrong…like eat some sweets?
Be sure to consult your doctor!!! Do not continue to follow diet at a given regime and stop taking supplements! NEVER TRY TO ENTER A STATE OF KETOSIS BY YOURSELF!

11. May I choose any taste of the Protekal products?
Yes. Tastes are different. It is best to choose the flavors you like to eat.

12.Why can’t I replace the food purchased for some other flavor if I don’t like the one I bought?
Due to specific storage conditions required we can’t allow food to be resold to another patient, because in that case we can’t guarantee for its quality.

13. What is Authorization and why can’t I buy food that has passed its expiration date?
Authorization prescribed by a doctor is a document that states exactly how much protein you need per meal for a certain period of time. Authoriztion represents your right to buy certain amount of food until your next scheduled control.

14. Why are cookies and chocolate bars not allowed in phase 1 and 2 ?
Chocolates and coockies have slightly higher caloric value that sachets for first two phases. These products have significant role in maintaining obtained weight and preventing yo-yo effect.

15. What are the advantages of Protekal diet compared to other diets?
There are many advantages. Excessive weight is lost rapidly,you will not have the urge to eat,you will feel good,have a lot of energy and you won’t have sagging skin as much as you would with other diets.

16. What do Protekal protein sachets contain?
They contain proteins of high biological value of milk, soybeans, peas and egg white origin. They also contain minute amounts of carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

17. Due to the nature of my job I occasionally have lunch with clients in a restaurant.How is that compatible with Protekal diet?
Of course, in case you have to eat in a restaurant, you can eat certain kind of meat or grilled fish instead of protein sachet. You can also eat salad or vegetables. Of course, all this in consultation with your doctor who will give you a detailed new manual.

18. What happens when the diet ends? Will I regain weight that I’ve lost?
If you have passed all phases of the diet,including reeeducative phases you already adopted new habits. Your body will not have as strong apetite as it had before the diet. You will now how to choose foods in order to maintain your ideal weight. If you don’t complete all phases of the diet and you go back to your old habits after active phases ,you will gain weight again.

19. Should I take any drugs while on protekal diet?
You must take supplements prescribed by your doctor in order to maintain good health.