Obesity, accompanied by all complication it brings about, has become one of the main health problems in industrialized countries. This fact has a great medical, social and economic significance and has cause an important global individual interest in modern medical treatment.

Treatment is applied due to esthetic and preventive reasons or due to therapeutic reasons – correction of existing pathologic problems, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, high glucose levels, arteriosclerosis…  Whatever the motive is, the weight loss process shall be conducted under strict doctor’s supervision since incorrect weight loss may cause health impairment and occurrence of adverse effects , such as the inevitable yo-yo effect.

The essence of obesity treatment is to find a diet that would change the eating habits and introduce increased physical activity. Such integral approach with life style changes enables stability of the newly achieved weight.

The reasons for obesity vary. The treatment results are rather scarce and do not encourage a lot. International statistics show that almost 90% of the treatment cases end in failures. It is considered that one of the main reasons for such failures is the fact that the treatment is not closely supervised by a doctor.

Most frequently, patients want rapid results, with on efforts. Led by the great number of attractive information in the advertisements and commercials presented in various media, they usually end up disappointed and frustrated with the lost, but fast regained weight.

Unlike other non-pharmacological weight loss methods, protein diet has proved to be the best solutions since it is based on a scientific and integral approach to weight loss.

The diet can be prescribed only by a doctor, specialized for protein diet supervision, The patient is under doctor’s supervision from the very beginning of the diet, he/she is monitored in all stages of the diet, which apart from weight loss, also enables reduction of food intake aiming at ultimate diet and lifestyle changes.