diet for breastfidding mothers

It is very common that during pregnancy, pregnant women gain more weight than prescribed and remain overweight after giving birth. For many women, this is the a crucial moment and a turning point in determining whether they will become obese or preserve a healthy weight in later life.

Subsequent obesity can cause a range of diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, fatty liver and blood vessels, type 2 diabetes, varicose veins in the legs, sleep apnea, stroke, osteoarthritis and bone and cartilage deformities. Obesity can also cause psychological problems as well as problems for future conceptions. Due to all these risks, it is recommended that women regulate body weight as quickly as possible after childbirth. If young mothers are breastfeeding, our nutritionists recommend a special regimen which ensures that the breastfeeding mother will have enough nutrients for the proper development of the baby and the mother will not take unnecessary calories, enabling successful weight loss.


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