Sachet preparation

Our products are semi-prepared and pre-cooked meals with a precisely defined composition and most of them come in sachets. Each box contains 7 sachets of the same flavour with detailed instructions for preparation and ingredients lists. No matter whether savory or sweet flavor, one sachet is one meal.

The content of each sachet is mixed in a shaker with a predefined amount of water (at room temperature) to the desired thickness.

When you get a homogeneous, even mixture, depending on the type of meal you are preparing, the mixture is put in a refrigerator to cool and thicken or if it is a hot soup or beverage, the mixture may be heated in a microwave oven or on the stove to the desired temperature.

In case of omelettes and pancakes, the mixture is fried in a pan with a very small amount of oil. Also, omelets, pancakes and bread protein bread can be baked in the oven.

The purpose of this method of preparation is to enable the patient to easily prepare the food and live with the diet. 


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