Why is medical supervision necessary?

The French Health and Safety Agency (ANSES) has recently published a report under the title: “Weight loss diets risk assessment” aimed at warning the general public of the risks posed by weight loss diets that are not being undertaken with medical supervision and they listed all world most popular diets are implemented in this way. On the other hand, the ANSES recommends diets to be conducted under medical supervision.

We support such report since it is one more confirmation that the manner we conduct our dieting programme is the only correct manner and that our assertion that weight loss without the supervision of a trained doctor can endanger your health is absolutely true.

For these reasons it’s important that the complete course of the diet is under the supervision of a doctor, who will monitor the patient in every aspect, determine the intake of proteins, supplements as well as correction of therapy or inclusion of new therapy according to gender, weight and health of the patient. It is not recommended to follow the diet without the supervision of a doctor, because incorrect or excessive protein intake as well as inadequate supplementation can cause health problems.

Research has also shown that having the support and guidance of a medical professional will make the program more successful. They can tailor the plan to suit your specific likes and dislikes, medical conditions, nutritional needs, physical activity levels and lifestyle.


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