Diet for type II diabetes

Patients who follow the Protekal program achieve the following in a short period:

  • Regulation of blood sugar levels
  • Glycated hemoglobin (Hba1C) can be kept within the long-term reference range
  • Patients who take oral antidiabetic medications have their therapy discontinued at the very beginning of the diet.
  • Patients on insulin therapy have their therapy gradually reduced or altogether discontinued.

Under the professional supervision of our doctor, the patient can start the “Protekal diet” program. Having conducted all the necessary analyzes, the doctor prescribes an individual program for each patient as well as a plan for reduction of the therapy, i.e. the dose of insulin, for each patient.

For the purposes of constant monitoring of the patient’s condition, obligatory check-ups are conducted every 15 days.

For patients who suffer from type II diabetes and need to consume sweets, Protekal has a wide range of Protekal desserts that do not contain sugar and do not harm the patients, this meeting their needs for intake of sweet products.

In order for the patient to reduce the consumption of sweets or to stop the therapy completely, the following is necessary:

  • The patients shall change his/her lifestyle
  • The patient shall go through the Protekal diet process under the supervision of a doctor 
  • After the completion of the diet, the patient shall continue with a healthy and balanced diet
  • The patient shall be physically active

Aerobic exercise (walking, cycling, swimming) leads to improved insulin cell sensitivity. Following the recommendations for a balanced-regular diet, physical activity as well as changes in lifestyle during and after the completion of the Protekal program, type II diabetes can be kept under control.


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