Junior diet

Obesity in children has negative consequences for the child’s psychological development, as these children are often bullied by the peers. Parents shall take measures to prevent their children becoming obese, because then the child falls into his/her “vicious circle”, loses self-confidence and becomes prone to depression. The child finds comfort in food, especially in sweets, and this leads to even greater weight gain, which can trigger various diseases.

Obesity in children is alarming. Obese children, teenagers and adolescents have a high chance of remaining overweight when they grow up. This can lead to diseases such as: heart disease, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, stroke and osteoarthritis.

In recent years, overweight children have developed diseases that are characteristic of elderly people, such as: increased blood pressure, increased blood fats, bone deformities, fatty liver and chronic fatigue.

The percentage of obese children is increasing every year, in all age groups. Many of them have a problem due to bad eating habits such as: irregular diet, excessive meals, consumption of fast food, white flour, sweets, insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables and lack of physical activity.

The first step in the Protekal Junior diet is to determine the child’s ideal body weight according to the child’s age and height, and then proceed to preparation of a balanced and healthy diet program.

During the program, the doctor individually determines the amount and type of food in the child’s diet based on several parameters such as: age, height and health condition. The doctor determines the use of Protekal meals lalong with a varied diet during the day. Balanced diet means great consumption of fruits and vegetables, the main goal being the child to lose weight and at the same time the nutritional and energy needs of the child to be met.

The Protekal Junior diet contains a wide variety of Protekal sweet and savory meals such as low-calorie, sugar-free chocolates and biscuits, which help children more easily cope with the problems obesity brings about and be persistent in the weight loss program.

The allowed amount of Protekal meals is prescribed by the doctor depending on the child’s health condition. During the Protekal Junior diet, the child gradually loses the extra weight. The ultimate goal of the program is to change the child’s eating habits and lifestyle. It is important for parents to understand that the fight against childhood obesity is not easy and that the process of losing weight requires patience and persistence.


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