Prior to losing 40 kg, I could hardly get out of bed

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The Macedonian singer, Natasa Mijatovik – Miyata, returned to the music scene after a long break, releasing the song “Kako deca mali” (Like small children), which is already played by almost all radio stations. In addition to the new music material, she attracted the public attention with her new look. In six months, she has lost over 40kg and she is very happy about it. She says that prior to losing the extra weight, her body could not follow her restless spirit.
Imagine having thousands of ideas and plans, but on the other hand, being hardly able to get out of bed. My close ones kept telling me that I looked well even with such weight, but I am the only one to know how it feels like to carry a sack of cement on your back. It was very clear that I had to lose the extra weight. Still, I could not find the mechanism and every single day I was becoming even more obese. The thyroid problems I was facing were seriously endangering my whole metabolism. However, I was lucky enough to discover Protekal and successfully lose weight with their diet.  I managed it by totally eliminating carbohydrates.
I recommend this dieting regime to everyone who has problems with hypothyroidism who have began to lose hope that one day they could lose weight – says Miyata.

Prior to losing 40 kg, I could hardly get out of bed
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