How I lost 70 kilos in one year

Velika Angelkova from Skopje

Before I start my short story, I have to confess about my attitude to food. Food is an addiction – as serious as any other addiction, and I admire those who have not experienced it. Every single evening I was negotiating with myself on the diet which I was to start in the morning, but I was actually starting it with tons of food, and then again, angry with myself, that same evening, I would negotiate again, but the vicious circle could never stop. It was a huge, long and terrible circle.

One day, having no idea that it was the day to change my life, while having a cup of coffee with media people and getting prepared to give a TV interview about my work, I asked (at least tried) for a camera that would make me look slimmer. They smiled and offered me Dr. Gordana’s number.

Not that I believed in the story, I was rather curious. I called and scheduled an appointment.

Two days after, I was already in Protekal office and I was welcomed by a warm, calm, gentle doctor who offered amazing moral support. She started explaining to me that I would eat pancakes, ice cream, puddings, chips and many more things and that I would not be hungry, but be happy. She also mentioned that the results will be visible in a few days?! Somehow, I seemed not to believe in it so much, I went on a business trip right after I started the diet, but believe it or not, on the seventh day I had to somehow tie my trousers which were already too loose.

I went on eating my favorite chocolate and banana pancakes, chicken croquets, chips, chocolates, puddings. The year passed and I had minus 10 , then minus 20 and minus 30 kilos, to end the year with 70 kilos less.   I experience interesting moments and meet people all over again (since they do not recognize me).  Needless to talk about health, I am in a top health condition since with Protekal I regulated my blood sugar level and my high blood pressure, so when I went for a detailed medical examination, the doctor told me he had not met a healthier person, and if you do not stop me, I would talk endlessly about my energy, happiness, confidence and serenity I feel. However, I do not think this is the end of the diet, but I am sure it is the beginning of a new lifestyle.

To all of you who have a similar problem, I heartedly recommend this diet and Dr. Gordana. I assure you that your story will be the same or even more successful than mine.


Velika  Angelkova

My story continues like this:


Three months ago I finished the Protekal diet and as I have already said, “I started a new lifestyle.” Living my “new lifestyle” in these past three months, I did not gain any weight back and finally, I am completely satisfied. Going down the road, Protekal results were more than obvious, but even though I started blindly believing in every word Dr. Gordana was uttering, there was a small dose of fear about what would happen when the diet was over, i.e.  whether I would regain any weight. Now I see that my fear was absolutely unjustified.

As I have already mentioned, my health regained its ideal state, my blood pressure, the sugar and cholesterol levels are within their ideal values for the first time, but my skepticism lurked, so I decided to have an internal organs screening.  It was flawless.

Let me not forget, I have always wondered, and people kept asking me, what would happen to the excess skin. There is no such thing in this diet. Very often it happens that I lift my shirt and show that indeed, there is no excess skin at all.  That is Protekal. 

Without doubt – it is about a new lifestyle – a new way of looking at things.  Finally, happiness is part of my life in every aspect – entering any boutique and buying jeans size 28, this is reality for me today! 🙂

How I lost 70 kilos in one year
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