I lost 50 kilos in half a year


My name is Tamara and I am 18 years old. Nowadays, I feel wonderful and I can say that I finally felt the beauty of life.

Only seven months ago, I was the unhappiest girl on the planet – at least I thought so. Aged 17, overweight, with inactive thyroid gland and many other associated metabolic disorders, I would understate if I say that I was depressed, sad, lonely and with no desire to live.

I came across the information about Protekal quite accidentally and as I understood, it was supposed to be the “food that can change one’s life!”

I immediately scheduled a consultation appointment with Dr. Gordana Markovikj. During the very first meeting with the doctor and the relaxed conversation we had, I felt that divine faith in myself, knowing that my salvation was there. So it happened. Protekal healed my life! With the delicious Protekal food, I managed to lose weight and my dream came true. Today,  I almost have my ideal weight. In six months I lost around 50 kg. There is no more high blood pressure, increased blood fats, arrhythmia … ! I am ultimately grateful to Dr. Markovikj. She and Protekal gave me the best gift – they gave me a new life! It feels good when you know what you’ve achieved and what you’ve gone through. For me, this was a revelation and self-investment. Now I have a better and happier life. 

Protekal healed not only my body, but my soul as well.

I learned that what we plant today, we harvest tomorrow. This is a moment for the right decision.  My choice was Protekal, maybe it is the right one for you as well!

I am infinitely grateful and will always have you in my heart,

I lost 50 kilos in half a year
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