Melita Rakichevikj in an NMD interview reveals the secret to a perfect body

Addicted to fashion and fitness

We remember Melita Rakichevikj for her educational programs for animals, spreading positive energy with her smile and serenity.

Melita has not been not present on TV recently, but she is constantly active on the social networks, attracting even more attention than before with her ​​unique fashion style and above all, amazing look.

   decided to ask  Melita to reveal how she manages to defy her age in such a magnificent style!

   Melita, how do you manage to keep so fit, are you a vegetarian or maybe a vegan, or is your diet varied?


Melita Rakichevikj: One and a half year ago, I started a diet under the recommendation of Dr. Gordana Markovikj, who was also mentoring my one month Protekal diet by means of which I reached my ideal weight and improved my health and look, as well as my skin.  In fact, problematic were only a few kilos, but I cleaned my body from toxins and got rid of the wrong eating habits, which due to the stressful work I had, spontaneously become my routine in the past few years. After the Prfotekal diet, which I’m thrilled with, I completely changed my everyday diet.

The basis of my diet are proteins and vegetables, 4-5 small meals and lots of water!  All I eat is skimmed, and I almost never eat sweets, only sometimes fruit in substitute.  However, I consume nothing that contains preservatives, I drink coffee without sugar and I quickly got used to the feeling not to overeat.

NMD:   How do you start the day and how many meals do you have during the day?

Melita Rakichevikj:  As  I have already mentioned, I have about 5 meals a day, between them there are 4 hours without any food or just a piece of fruit in the morning. I begin the day with a big cup of coffee without sugar and a glass of water, then I have a protein breakfast, such as boiled egg, skimmed milk or a piece of whole-grain bread with a little spread. I do not drink juices, only rarely I take natural ones,  but I avoid them because of sugar. I count the calories intake, it is very important.

NMD:   Do you drink sufficient quantities of water, do you drink sodas or alcohol, i.e. what are your principles in this regard?

Melita Rakichevikj:   I am addicted to water. I always drink 3 liters a day, and I also drink a lot of tea (I’m addicted to them too), I never drink sodas, and I enjoy a glass of wine with lunch or dinner.

NMD:   Do you exercise and if you do, what type of exercising do you prefer?

Melita Rakichevikj:   Yes, I have been exercising for four years now, I work with a coach in the best female workout center “Magnus”. Averagely, I exercise four times per week and my body has been brought to perfection. I would recommend that every woman after the age of thirty starts exercising, not only good look, but also for health reasons.  After the workout I am in a better mood, more cheerful, happy and full of energy!  When the weather is good, I jog by the bank and in winter I opt for the running track.  I’m a total fitness addict!

NMD:   What blood type are you and have you ever been on a special blood type dieting regime?

Melita Rakichevikj:   I’m O blood type and I even once bought a book on dieting by blood types. I have studied what suits my metabolism best and I apply quite a lot of that theory. Foods high in iodine are recommended for this blood type, so I love eating seafood, which is my favorite. I’m not obsessed with these principles though, but I respect them.

NMD:   Melita, how skillful are you in the kitchen and could you recommend a recipe favorite to you and your family?

Melita Rakichevikj:   I cook quite a lot, but to be honest, my husband is an extremely talented cook, so we nicely complement. I cook various dishes, from sweet desserts my daughter is crazy about, to pasta which I generally avoid, but sometimes I treat myself with.  Something I make very easily is my favorite seafood risotto which I am a specialist for, as well as making pies, etc. Since I’m half-Serbian, my mother used to prepare Serbian dishes and I succeeded her in that. It often happens that I invent my own recipes and then everybody admires them! Cooking relaxes me and calms me down.

Greetings to NMD readers!

Interviewed by Petar Popovski

Melita Rakichevikj in an NMD interview reveals the secret to a perfect body
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